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What Exactly is Kitenge / African Print Fabric?

Kitenge or chitenge is a garment similar to a sarong, worn in many African countries, often by women wrapped around the chest or waist, over the head as a headscarf or as a baby sling - or made in to tradition or modern garments. 

Kitenges are similar to kangas and kikoy, but are of a thicker cloth and have an edging only on a long side. 


What is a Yard?

A yard is the imperial measurement still traditionally used for textiles.  One yard is nearly 91.5cm.


How Will I Get my Fabric Once I've Ordered?

We will send it by air. Our service is extremely reliable, and estimated delivery time to US and Europe is 9-14 days. If your country isn't on our delivery schedule, please contact us at contact@africanfabrichouse.com to get a direct delivery quote.


What are your Delivery Charges?


Find Here.


Your Delivery Charges Only go up to 12 Yards - Why?

Most of our customers who are buying for themselves will order up to 24 yards. If you are a retailer or other business and would like to make a larger order, we are happy to help - please contact us at enquiries@africanfabrichouse.com for a specific quote.


How do I Care for my African Print Fabric?

Pre-wash before using (machine wash 30°-40° according to preference). You can machine wash at 30°-40° many times but do not soak, and use non-chlorine bleach, low tumble dry, and cool iron.


Do you have a Quality Guarantee? 

We buy our fabric at local market and to make sure the fabric we offer are always top of the top, we take a sample of each single design through our quality control process, that includes washing, ironing and "handling" to make sure that shrinkage is within ordinary acceptable levels and that the fabric is colourfast (assuming you follow our care recommendations - see above).